Events, braderies & flea markets

A braderie/flea market

Braderies and flea markets showcase the city’s identity and punctuate life in our neighbourhoods.
For some people, this is a chance to find a bargain; for others, it allows them to have a clearout and de-clutter. It also allows consumers make informed choices, a place where second-hand shopping goes hand-in-hand with low prices, thus creating an important connection to our economic culture.

You will find by clicking here, the calendar of the various flea markets and braderie.


Coordinates of the flea market and braderie organizers:

Rues en couleur : Yvette Paridaens / 0494 32 29 32 /

Marie-Christine : Ali Bounja / 0486 35 53 16 /

Les Murillotes : Jean Pierre Bednarczyk  / 0476 44 14 60 /

Houba : Danielle  Bricman / 0477/60 69 49/

Ev comm
A commercial event

If organisers of activities, events, trading associations and neighbourhoods wish to occupy the public space of the City of Brussels, this temporary occupation is subject to prior approval from the municipal authorities.

The Department of Economic Affairs of the City of Brussels authorises various types of commercial events, such as the opening of a shop, the anniversary of a business (with facilities placed outside such as a food truck, a red carpet, an arbour, a parasol, etc.).


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Commercial Activity Unit

Rue des Halles, 4
02 279 25 30

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Information on street trading.