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How and where do I register?

- To occupy a space on a market, fair or in the public domain, an application must be submitted to the Commercial Activity Unit of the City of Brussels, either directly at the office or via registered letter.

- All requests must include the application form and the necessary documentation (as listed in the form).

- To allocate a specific space for a particular product, the Commercial Unit may also request documents in order to verify that the product made available by the applicant complies with the definition of the product in question.

Application for a temporary space for street trading activities

Where can I obtain the street trader card for employers?

To carry out a street trading activity, you must receive approval to engage in your activity, which can be obtained from the business platform of your choice.

How do I get a space in the public domain?

Around 170 spaces for street trading are spread across the region of the City of Brussels, including a food truck trail for approximately 10 spaces, chip shops, kiosks, spaces for ice cream parlours, spaces for matches at the Roi Baudoin stadium, etc.

The list of these locations is constantly changing and is approved by the Board of the Mayor and Aldermen. Spaces are allocated by subscription only and are not allocated on a day-to-day basis.

How to get a space on a fair or fete?

Fairground operators can apply for a five-year contract for a site or apply on a case-by-case basis for vacant spaces.

Spaces are allocated by subscription via a renewable five-year contract. To obtain a subscription, calls for candidates are regularly published by the City of Brussels on

How do I obtain a space on a braderie or flea market?

If you wish to participate in a braderie or flea market, as a seller or as a street trader, please contact the event organiser directly.

What is the fee for a space?

The fees for the various spaces are set out in Appendix 3 of the municipal regulations relating to the exercise and organisation of street trading activities in the public domain of the City of Brussels.


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